Top 5 Data Backup Appliances

Backup appliances are used to backup important data for an organization in more secure storage facilities. This is a necessary precaution in case an organization experienced hard drive failure or natural disasters. The backup appliances are used to recover all the data back in its original form and categories. Backup appliances are available for small-scale purposes such as personal computers and large-scale purposes for servers used by companies. This article will outline some of the top-rated backup appliances that you can choose from.

  1. VMWare vCenter Server

This is one of the leading backup software in the world. It provides a single platform that enables users to manage infrastructure for their organization virtually. This makes it easier to access the server remotely for any location. Additionally, it ideal for businesses of all sizes and gives perspective on making smarter decisions based on an overview of the business activities.

  1. Avamar

This is a product from Dell. It offered protection to data and the ability to recover it when need be. It also allows daily backups which are fast and easy retrieval of data. Users can also access their data remotely when away from their offices and virtually too. Avamar is reliable and can be used by different types of businesses.

  1. EMC NetWorker

This backup appliance offers automated backups and recovery processes on all IT devices. Data on this platform is stored in a centralized location for easier access. NetWoker combines several elements to protect data stored on the cloud as well as on on-premise.

Additionally, this backup can be used to monitor networking, hardware, and mobile computing. It is highly reliable, flexible and has excellent performance.

  1. R-Studio

This is a highly effective backup appliance which does not have a delete option. It is mostly built for experienced computer technicians such as data and recovery specialists. Average computer users might need to watch a few tutorials to know how this platform works and its implementation process. R-studio is mainly used to recover lost data as a result of hardware and operating system failures or viruses. It can recover all data formats that could have been deleted or corrupted.

  1. Veeam

Veeam can be used by both large organizations and individuals too. It has three different products which are Veeam Backup, Veeam ONE, and Veeam Availability Suite. This platform ensures that data can be recovered quickly as the service is available all round the clock. Prevention of loss of data and recovery of data are some of the services offered by the vendor. It also provides cloud-based backup to minimize the risk of losing any data.

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