Top Cyber Security Challenges that Corporations Face

With the increased number of internet experts across the globe, a lot of cybersecurity criminal activities have been on the rise. Different organized groups of criminals have constantly attacked corporations’ data security systems making the companies suffer great losses. As a result, the IT departments are now focused to ensure that their networks and data are kept secure. Despite the efforts, they still face a variety of challenges. In this article, we discuss top cybersecurity challenges that corporations face in their day to day activities.

#1. Compliance Mandate

In different nations, the number of security regulation laws has been increasing constantly as the technology improves. This has left corporations faced by multiple views based on how to meet these obligations. In addition to this, corporations are challenged on how to reconcile the irregularities and overlaps between mandates. As a result, there has been an increase in silo-based solutions leading to an increase in the cost of operation and complexity in data management.

#2. Insufficient Funds

Most of the corporations spend no more than 10% of their IT budget on cyber security. This amount is extremely low to fund cybersecurity systems to work efficiently. It is known that some of the corporations that have been able to invest deeply in this sector have as well been faced with hacking and other criminal activities. This shows how 10% of the IT budget is not enough to keep a corporation network secure.

#3. Privacy and Data security

With many corporations, data identification on bases of sensitivity and criticality is not properly done. As a result, they lack the knowledge of what information is of importance to them. This has made it difficult for organizations to align operations in a supportive environment to satisfy the increasing number of regulatory requirements.

#4. Lack of Proper Visibility and Control

An avalanche of security events experienced within the IT environment has been the main cause of alert overloading. As a result, managing security by use of alerts is considered as a misleading option. In addition to this, the process is likely to end in a dangerous manner to all that are involved with the system.

Cybersecurity challenges are on the increase on daily bases. The main cause of these challenges is the improved technology in data storage. To avoid these challenges, corporations’ IT departments should always be on the look to develop ways to ensure that their networks and data storage systems are secure.

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