Carpet Cleaning Machines – What Are the Main Types?

There are many various kinds of carpet cleaning machines on the market today from little vacuum cleaners most commonly seen in homes and small offices all of the way up to dirt extracting industrial carpet cleaners used in large industrial environments such as airports and conference centers. Although there are lots of different carpet cleaner kinds with all kinds of features and performance which we will touch on in more depth in this guide, the basic operational function remains that they remove dirt from floor surfaces and are essentially vacuum cleaner for the most part.

Types of Cleaning Machine

The Vast Majority of carpet Cleaners are completely and what is called vacuum cleaner clean carpets of heap and for the most part provide vacuuming of the surface.

Wet or Dry Cleaners

There however a number of producers who offer machines that can do carpet cleaning that is wet. This can be accomplished either by the operator manually spraying cleaning solution to the soiled area of the carpet or from the machine itself employing the solution in targeted regions. The capacity for the cleaning system to have the ability to suck up liquids in addition to dirt is an excellent advantage for professional cleaning businesses as it allows them to expand the services that they provide to include the clearing of spillages such as those made by leaking machinery or water pipes. The surplus dirt and water can then readily be disposed of by a removable tank in the back of the carpet cleaning machine.

Light-weight or Portable Machines

A number of carpet cleaning machines are specially designed and made to be lightweight and easy to carry in order to be mobile for those environments where they have to be utilized in various places in a large complex like in hotels on various floors. The models that are smaller mobile are light enough to be pulled along behind the operator although the models are designed with larger wheels that make them more maneuverable. They can be transported up and down staircases by having wheel in this manner.

Upright or Floor Standing Units

The vast majority of Portable Carpet shampooer as such is operated since the controls and machines are described as being vertical and steering handle is higher up. There are quite a few popular machines that are floor-standing and require the operator to bend over to use them since they rely on a vacuum hose being used to target the regions of dirt on the carpet. There are exceptions to the rule however as some machines provide the ability to fall thus lowering the machines so that difficult to reach regions of the carpet like under furniture may more easily be washed.