Home and Business Security IPTV Technology

Like most businesses, the video surveillance industry tends to centralize and consolidate its systems to reduce costs and benefit from new technology that is upgraded. This report discusses the benefits. IPTV or Internet Protocol Television empowers all company systems such as computers, fire alarms and telephone and access control to function under a single network. Video transmission over a network uses what is called a matrix as matrix switches. To visualize the difference, think about the difference between the portable CD players individuals used to take to play one record at a time and the iPods currently in fashion that could save hundreds of thousands of tunes. DVR offers efficient quick search capabilities and easy reviewing of this movie, however the digital cameras use a host with analog video inputs and they are hooked up by coaxial cable exactly like analog cameras. There are a limited number of inputs and outputs for connecting with other programs and devices so when the inputs are complete if you would like to connect to a control centre you need to add another device.


Another drawback is that DVR software utilizes compression digitization and circuit codes. This makes integration with communications facilities difficult.  It seems surprising that a much better format would look suddenly but IP solutions offer substantial benefits that would lower overhead by reducing redundancy and peripherals and provide for a far simpler management of these systems. This is particularly true for companies and places using or providing monitoring and recording. By using convergence technology just one infrastructure has to be maintained that can control all functions: intrusion detection alarms, temperature controller, IP video which reduces costs and enables easier merging with new technologies and software upgrades. Better compression the difficulties have been overcome by approaches with the bandwidth for transmitting used with IPTV. There are two formats MPEG4 and Motion JPEG.

The decrease bandwidth per video stream of the MPEG4 gives it an edge over the browser based MJPEG but it requires a codex or applet for browser Internet viewing. In a control centre, the matrix enables switching any video stream to some decoder because of decoders connected to of the monitors. With such technology it appears inevitable that so as to keep up with the iptv applications of the future, companies will have to consider it. As things stand there are abilities to videotape in a distinct speed that is frame per second and playback or track at any rate. This would indicate that evidence of any crimes, fires or crises if listed at would supply detail that is critical to view. There have been crimes solved by authorities having the ability to see pictures from small business security cameras that were nearby.