Ten Things A Pizza Delivery Person Won’t Tell You

The only things that makes fresh, hot pizza better is when it’s delivery pizza. No cooking, do driving, just call in the order and have the pizza delivered. The pizza delivery business is a mega-buck industry, and as in any industry, there are insider secrets. Here are ten things a pizza delivery person won’t tell you.

Decide What You Want Before Calling

Pizzerias that deliver have more than one phone line, on a good night, all line are ringing at once and the order taker does not have time to hold while a family discussion is going on regarding what pizza toppings are wanted. Decide what you want before calling in the order, it makes it easier for everyone.

Delivery Pizza Is Not Instant Pizza

From the time the pizza order is called in until it arrives at your home is going to take a little time. It takes about 20 minutes for a pizza to go from the raw dough stage to the fully cooked stage. Add delivery time to that 20 minutes. Add extra time for delivery if it’s during rush hour traffic or inclement weather. Have a little patience instead of getting angry at the delivery person and stiffing them on the tip.

Some Neighborhoods Are No Delivery Zones

In some neighborhoods across the country, a pizza delivery person getting out of a vehicle with a pizza in their hands is seen as an open invitation to rob them. Those neighborhoods are well known by pizzerias and are no delivery zones. Sometimes arrangements can be made for the pizza delivery person to meet a customer in a well lit, high traffic parking lot or similar venue, for the safety of the pizza delivery person.

The Best And Worst Tippers

As a general rule, the more gated and guarded a community is, the more guarded the wallet in when it comes to tipping the pizza delivery person. The best tippers are middle and lower income customers who understand what the pizza delivery person is going through trying to make a living.

A Pizza Delivery Person Remembers Every Customer That Does Not Tip

Every customer that does not tip is well remembered. Most pizza delivery people are hard working and scrupulous, they would do nothing that would jeopardize their jobs or compromise the next food delivery. But they would shake the customer’s soda. Oops. logistics companies in the philippines

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If The Pizza Is Dropped

Pizzas do get dropped during delivery. Box and all. A pizza delivery person will shake the box to get the cheese and topping to slide back into place on the pizza instead of returning to the pizzeria for a new order.

Put Some Clothes On

Pizza delivery people are often greeted at the door by customers baring folds of flesh that should be covered up. Always have pants on before opening the door and a shirt would be welcomed too.

Hang Up The Phone

When the pizza is delivered, a financial transaction must take place between the customer and the pizza delivery person. It’s good manners for the customer to hang up the phone, or at least place the caller on hold, during the transaction.

The Pizza Delivery Person Can’t Wait Forever

A pizza delivery person must account to their boss for the time spent per delivery, and time equals money. When the pizza delivery person arrives, they will knock on the door three times and call your phone twice before leaving. If you don’t answer the door, don’t call the pizzeria complaining about not getting your food.

Prank Calling Kids

Pizzerias know when kids are making prank calls. Kids can’t disguise their voices very well and most of the time they forget to block their phone number before making the prank call.

Having pizza delivered is privilege, delivering pizza is a job. A job with a few insider secrets that have just been revealed.