Get hand-picked frozen seafood

Are you a seafood lover but find it challenging to obtain freshly from your market, or Is it unhygienic to buy seafood from the local market? Whatever your reason, it is not easy to buy seafood online. It was tough to store these foods for an extended period due to fear of fungal and bacterial deterioration, but advanced technology has made it easy. Now sea foods are available as frozen and can be stored for an extended period. Buy frozen seafood from us and enjoy the delicious flavor without going to the market.

Are frozen foods as healthy as unfrozen ones?

frozen seafood

There is a common myth that frozen and canned food are the same and are not suitable for health. Canned food has many preservatives, and stabilizers added to it so that food doesn’t deteriorate quickly. But frozen food is something else; frozen food I just ice-packed to bring down the bacterial and hormonal activity in the food so that its degradation is slowed down.  Freezing doesn’t involve the addition of any harmful chemical, except for some natural and safe preservatives that must be added to control bacterial growth.

Enjoy the lip-smacking flavor of all types of sea-food

Now, you can get all types of frozen sea foods, from sea-urchins, crabs, prawns, oysters, shell-fishes, tuna, lobsters, charred crab meat, shredded meat, and chicken. Keep your fridge food-ready and enjoy the delicious taste of seafood with the same taste and health you have just bought from the market.