How to Pick the Best Style of Shirt? – Choosing for right Occasion

Shirts are an exceptionally traditional item of clothing which has been worn for quite a long time. Although most individuals evoke pictures of school garbs or their fathers work shirts when the term is mentioned, shirts have recently made a style returned with numerous planner brands adding shirts to their latest collections. Among them are Duck and Cover shirts. Established in 1996 Duck and Cover are prestigious in the design industry for their innovative way to deal with style. They take ordinary regular wear, for example, the shirt and add peculiar, new elements to creating a cutting edge style. Their latest collection incorporates stylish patterns, intense stripes and architect embellishments, alongside different sleeve lengths, but with such countless different styles on the market, it is difficult to realize which shirt to purchase to suit your style. The point of this article is to direct you through picking the best style of shirt.

Sleeve Length

Firstly, you want to consider what length sleeves you want your shirt to have. There are two primary options, short sleeved and long sleeved, although some architect shirts likewise arrive in a third option with three quarter length sleeves. For the most part sleeve length will be determined by the weather with short sleeves worn seriously during the hotter months and long sleeves worn in the cooler months. Anyway certain individuals view the collection who team shirts with a jacket, will wear short sleeve shirts the entire years as they can be more comfortable as an under garment.


Next you want to think about the shade of the shirt. Whether picking a plain shirt or a patterned one, shading is vital. You many need to consider what other items of clothing you will be wearing the shirt with for instance the shade of your suit, trousers, footwear or adornments like ties. This is particularly important assuming that you operate a ‘blend and match’ style closet. You may likewise have to consider your complexion, hair tone or eye shading while selecting a shirt too. Paler tones tend to look better on dim or olive complexions, as do vibrant shadings whereas mid-range tones tend to look great on light complexion types. A few tones improve the hair tone whilst others can draw out the shade of your eyes.


Just as generally speaking tone, you additionally need to think about the pattern on your shirt. The pattern can truly spice up an otherwise exhausting shirt and turn it into a key style piece. On the off chance that you have a confident, outspoken personality you might want to pass on this with a strong, weighty pattern. For a less striking look, a more modest, uniform pattern might be more suitable like stripes.