Lead A Urban Lifestyle With New Property Launches

Singapore is the popular and widely appreciated tourist destination inAsia. This is the destination that is not only dotted with multiple panoramic tourist spots and beaches, but also with luxury condominiums. The New property launches is the perfect example of luxury and cozy lifestyle. No matter which condo you choose to invest in, but there are few things that you will find in common in almost all condos in Singapore. This includes the top class locations set in the midst of beautiful gardens and the backdrop with sparkling water of the Sea or bay.

The Designer Condos in Singapore

Singapore is special not because of its multiple tourist spots, but also for modern architecture and structures that were built by some of the renowned architects of the world. They design the New property launches by employing their vision of regionalism amalgamated with the influences of advanced techniques. Most of the New property launches are designed by renowned architects and they are strategically located close to the up market shopping centre, schools and entertainment hubs.

Why Choose to Stay in New property launches?

Well, there are many good reasons why choosing to stay in New property launches is a feasible option. Most of these condos are designed with modern architectures and wonderful interior to suit your urban lifestyle. Moreover, these condos are surrounded by world class facilities and amenities like club house, larger swimming pools, or infinity pools, fitness center and world class security system for the safety of the residents.

The price range of the New property launches range from 13.5 million dollars to 30 million dollars for 2 bedroom condos to pent house respectively. However, the price may also increase or decrease depending upon the facilities and amenities integrated in the condominium. The price also varies according to the locations and the quality of interior integrated into the unit.